Berry Physiotherapy

Berry Physiotherapy offers the same high quality of care you would receive in a clinic, in the comfort of your own home or office. Mobile physiotherapy is perfect for individuals who don’t have time to leave the office for treatment, have limited mobility or access to transportation, are recovering from surgery, or who just prefer the convenience of their physiotherapist coming to them.

Physiotherapy That Gets Results

Berry Physiotherapy believes that physiotherapy should produce results fast. Erin Berry is an experienced, motivated physiotherapist, who is passionate about accelerating her client’s recovery from injury, to help them reach their goals. Erin uses a combination of manual therapy, acupuncture, exercise and education to help her clients reach their maximum potential.

Physiothearapy Solutions For Your Busy Lifestyle

Berry Physiotherapy is a mobile physiotherapy clinic offering physiotherapy services in the GTA. Mobile physiotherapy is perfect for people whose busy schedules makes finding the time to go to a physiotherapy appointment extremely difficult. Erin Berry from Berry Physiotherapy will conveniently come to your home or office, so no time is wasted travelling to and from appointments. The benefit of being in your own environment, will enable our physiotherapist Erin Berry to instruct you on how you can use your home or office environment to help you reach your physiotherapy goals.

Medical Insurance Coverage

Physiothearpy services are covered by most extended health insurance. if you do not have insurance, physiotherapy fees paid directly by a patient are tax free and qualify as a medical expense for income tax purposes.

Mobile Physiotherapy Clinic In The Comfort Of Your Home or Office

Get rid of your unwanted pain and deal with your nagging injury by booking a physiotherapy appointment today.  With Berry Physiotherapy mobile clinic our team can get direct results for you in the comfort of your home or office.